Street Width to Height Ratio

Narrow Street in Paris

 ….linking the small plazas

“That Parisian street above is about 12-15 feet wide, and the buildings are 4-6 stories high. In other words, about 4:1…But, if you said, “let’s make a street 13 feet wide and buildings 40-60 feet tall” to most people, they would have an anxiety attack. “Oh, no, that is so horrible! Like sardines in a can! Like rats in a cage!”

Oh, how people go on and on. But, if you actually put these people – the very same people-in a place with exactly those dimensions, they say: “That is a gorgeous Parisian street. Let’s call the travel agent and get on a plane for eight hours and spend $6,000, so we can spend one week of our life in a place like that instead of this horrible Suburban Hell.” – N. Lewis


Let’s look at a few more Really Narrow Streets: