Role of the Piscataquis Village Project

    • Acquire a site
    • Map out streets, plazas and building lots
    • Compose a simple set of land use and building covenants which would guide the development of the site into a traditional, compact and car-free village.
    • Achieve approval for the project from the appropriate regulatory agencies.
    • Establish basic infrastructure for the first phase of the development
    • Offer building lots

The Village Project Does Not Intend To…Small street in France

Construct buildings or to micromanage specific building design. ¬†We believe that the most successful places are places where individuals and groups are free to do as they like as long as they don’t infringe upon the freedom of their neighbors.

We also recognize that in any settlement where people are brought together in close proximity, some agreed upon covenants need to be established.

We envision a settlement evolving organically and growing incrementally.

Those people or groups of people that wish to pursue their own, various versions of the Good Life within the bounds of the Village are welcome.