Car Free

….so compact cars can be parked at the Village edge

No Such Thing as Free Parking


Pompeii, Italy. Destroyed by volcanism in 79 AD

Some estimates indicate that we have more than

Parking Lot

"What does it mean when a city destroyed by a volcano 1,932 years ago has more charm and beauty than the cities we build today?"

three parking spaces per car, in addition to the parking spot at home. This parking comes at a cost, paid for in higher taxes, or with higher prices of goods and services.

The land has value, and maintenance & snow plowing are expensive. There’s got to be more fun things to spend money on than parking lots.







Think of the amount of space being used for parking in, for example, Dover Foxcroft, ME.

Washington Street

Washington Street, without the street.

Washington Street

Washington Street, Norwalk, Connecticut

    • D-F Shopping Plaza
    • Foxcroft Academy
    • Mayo Hospital
    • SeDoMoCha
    • PHEC
    • Center Theater
    • Family Dollar
    • Congo’ Church
    • County Courthouse