Parking on the Edge

If You’re Not Parking on the Edge, You’re Taking Up Too Much Space In the Piscataquis Village Project, a parking belt surrounds the developed zone. Parking lots of various sizes are available to residents for uncovered parking, or on which can be built individual garages & remote storage buildings. The Project doesn’t construct buildings but composes a set of covenants to guide the building process. If a resident needs more parking or storage they can buy or rent it. If they determine they have too much they can sell it or rent it out. Because vehicles don’t enter the developed zone, where everything is within a ten minute walk, just one parking space per vehicle is required.       Kaching!

Santorini, Greece

“Oh, that is so horrible. I definitely couldn’t do that, especially without a car.”

Two thirds of the lots within the village will be less than a two minute walk to the perimeter, where the parking is located. That’s the length of time it takes Emily Ellis’s cousin to sing the national anthem.