Green Metropolis

Central Park, New York“By the most significant measures, New York is the greenest community in the United States. The average Manhattanite consumes gasoline at a rate that the country as a whole hasn’t matched since the mid-1920s when the most widely owned car was the Ford Model T.

The average New Yorker (if one takes into consideration all five buroughs of the city) annually generates 7.1 metric tons of greenhouse gasses, less than 30% of the national average which is 24.5 metric tons.

Manhattanites generate even less.” – David Owen

Luckily, the same green advantages intrinsic to Manhattan are also scalable to a Piscataquis Village sized Project.

Compact places where walking is the most convenient option. Attached, perhaps smaller, housing. Sufficient density to make shared transportation convenient.

Where is the Low Hanging Fruit in the effort to create more sustainable communities.?

    • Living Closer
    • Living Smaller
    • Driving less

How fortunate, for one of the poorest counties in Maine, that it’s cheaper, and more fun too.