Block Investment

Two concerns frequently surface when talking to potential Village investors:
Courtyard with lawn

  • Uncertainty over making a future financial commitment for $10,000
  • Uncertainty over living in a compact space without knowing who your neighbors might be.

To resolve these concerns we offer another investment option – Block Investment. A self-organizing group of twenty households can collectively invest in an entire village block, with  interior courtyard, for a $100,000 investment.

This halves the per household investment to $5000, and is an option which allows people to self-select their neighbors (within the limits prescribed by Fair Housing laws).



….if you are part of an existing group or wish to work toward organizing a new group to occupy a Village Block, you may consider:


    • CohousingInterior courtyard with a walkway
    • Elder/Congregate Housing
    • Ecovillages/intentional communities
    • Extended Family “Compounds”
    • Circle of Friends – (high school or college?)
    • Art/Music/Theater Colonies
    • Community Housing Development Organizations
    • Private Residential Developers
    • Fraternal or Veterans Organizations
    • Historical Reenactment GroupsFaith-Based Groups